medical pedicure boise

What I do

Preforming calming and relaxing experiences for you and your feet. Pedicures last between 45-60 minutes depending on your needs.

Foot and nail exam

The treatment starts with a foot and a nail exam from a Registered Nurse.

Foot bath

Depending on the medical conditions there is a foot bath available with soothing salts to relax muscles, provide aromatherapy, soften nails, and remove dead skin.

Fingernail and callus trimming

Fingernail trimming and reducing or removing callus and corns


If desired, I apply lotion to feet, nails and legs and end with massage.


  • Medical Pedicure Within Service Area:
    • Commitment of Every 4 Weeks: $40
    • Commitment of Every 6 Weeks: $45
    • Appointment without rescheduling: $55
  • Outside of Service Area: $50 and above
  • Appointment without rescheduling outside of service area: $60
  • Finger Nail Trim – $10
  • Fingernail or Toenail Polish – $10
  • Fingernail and Toenail Polish – $20
  • St. John’s Foot Clinic – $25 (call/text me if you are interested in an appt)

Where’s the Nail polish?

With a medical pedicure, there is no nail polish. But, for an added charge of $10, I will apply a color that is provided by the client.  Although, I am not a cosmetologist I do provide primer and top coat if needed.

*If there is not a 24 hour notice of cancellation, the client will be charged $30.
medical pedicure boise